Well it's been 4 days since my trip with Coastal Charters and Captain Dom and I needed all four days to recuperate from the beating we took fighting tuna all day. Captain Dom has one thing on his mind "Tuna" and nothing will stop him from the hunt. We headed out at day break to one of Capt. Dom's secret spots but did not spend much time as Dom felt the conditions were not right. His gut instinct is something to see and we certainly found out it was right. Dom saw a flicker in the water half a mile away that none of noticed and off we were on the fish. But as soon as they turned on they turned off. No problem as Captain Dom pushed on to another on of his favorite numbers until he found the heard and what a sight to behold. As we approached Captain Dom coached us on what to do and again, he was right on, we were tight and fighting a small freight train. Our crew handed the rod off as this beast was relentless and Captain Dom was determined that we would get our trophy. Twenty Five minutes later it was light out and we were blessed to have that mighty beast on the deck. 60" class of pure might. Oh but we were not done yet, Captain Dom put us on fish all day one after the other, we had double hook ups, screaming drags and tight lines non stop. I never thought I would say that I would say please, can we go in. A life long die hard fisherman, but I was beat, every muscle knew I had been tested, my brow was soaked with sweet and I had to say uncle.............. If you are reading this and have ever thought of chartering a boat to hunt "Tuna" then look no further and don't waste you hard earned money. Coastal Charters Sportfishing is the only name you need. Do yourself a favor, call Captain Dom today and see how a dedicated captain hunts on the sea. Thanks Captain Dom for a most memorial day on the water, one I shall not forget. Now it's time to bring my grandson on his first Tuna trip. See you soon

Bruce Tarro,