Tuna outlook 2019

After last year's cold, slow start, we were hoping for a change in 2019, and all signs point to a general trend towards improvement on many levels. The inshore predator species like striped bass, bluefish, summer flounder,  scup, and black sea-bass have all shown up in a semi-regular fashion, most importantly the bait species like mackerel, herring, menhaden, sand-eels, and squid have all arrived on time and in numbers in the usual places. The last four seasons have proven challenging due to prevailingly negative trends in both early season water temperatures, winds, and bait dispersion nearshore for bluefin tuna. This has led to a late start to the arrival, as well as a lack overall cooperativeness of these infamous visitors to the southern New England waters. This year seems to have broken this trend, and only time will tell if our initial assessment holds merit....

Bluefin tuna busting the surface, surprising a shearwater that was following a bit too closely.

The first week of June showed promise with fish being spotted by several trusted sources. Unfortunately despite the warmer then average sea surface temperatures we have been hampered by foggy conditions north of Cape Cod, east of Chatham, and south of  Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and RI along with some heavy SW winds. However, these same SW winds and some very favorable offshore conditions has led to a push of good numbers to our  immediate south at an earlier than normal timeframe, and with just a bit of decent mild winds and clear weather will have the first few fish within casting distance of our bow. There have already been several fish taken in the harpoon sector locally, and with favorable conditions forecasted for the second weekend of June, coupled with an early start to the NE canyon fishery, many areas that traditionally yield bluefin will have a strong chance to hold fish. The resurgence of bluefin over the last 10 years due to very strict regulations and conservation efforts of both the US and Canadian fleets should reap benefits for our clients for years to come. We look forward to having you aboard for some adventure, salt-air, and good times soon. Stay tuned for our exploits as the season unfolds, and wish us fortune, fair winds, and following seas!

The SeaVee has brand new Mercury Marine 225 outboards, and is primed with all systems go for hunting bluefin tuna. Stay tuned for action....


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