I asked for a recommendation for fishing charters to my town parents facebook forum, and a bunch of suggestions came back but the most thorough was for CCS so we decided to book with them. 

I booked easily over email a 1/2 day trip for my husband, two boys, and my mother in law (early 70s.) We had an awesome afternoon with Captain Diogo. He made sure to move as needed to where the fish were and he was supportive and patient with my two boys 12 and 9. 

The boat is MEANT for fishing, so don't come thinking you will have a ton of space for lounging and catching sun (though there is some space on the deck.) Wear comfortable supportive shoes and pack lots of layers. For most of the time, we were out my boys had on sweatshirts and sweatpants because of the Ocean A/C and it was probably 80s when we left the shore. 

We expected just what we got and had a blast!! We probably left with 20-25 lbs of filets (still haven't weighed.) Going to have a big BBQ tomorrow night and freeze the rest for good eatin' all summer!