I met Captain Diogo at the dock in the morning and we headed to an area he said was holding fish. The boat, the Dusky is clean, fast, and set up for tuna. We were on fish all morning, and after a few close encounters we were able to get tight. The captain was super informative and guided my husband and I through our first bluefin on spinning gear. It was an amazing accomplishment and will hopefully be the first of many for us with CCS. It felt great to come back to the marina with success as almost all other boats came back empty handed that day. Diogo and Dom have the skills and passion for tuna like no other! Can’t wait to book another trip!


Had an awesome day of fishing with Captain Dom. After an 85" and 73" fish on the boat with a group of 4 we were more than excited. He knows where the fish are and put us right on them. The boat and tackle were perfect for sight casting and jigging. Also his rods and reels were top notch. Trip of a lifetime!

Kenny Lehtonen,

We had an unforgettable experience out on the tuna grounds with Captain Dom this past weekend. The incredible show of whales and dolphins all morning was like something out of a National Geographic magazine, and it only got better when we were able to locate the fish and land a nice bluefin that fed everyone onboard with enough to give some to our friends and families back home. I've already booked my next trip and can't wait to get back out there. The only thing to beware of is that Dom will give you an incurable sickness when you get on his boat. Tuna fever baby!!

Sam Muddiman,

I have dreamed of taking a trip tuna fishing for the last few years. With my 30th birthday coming up, my wife surprised me and booked a trip with Captain Dom of Coastal Charters (best wife ever) on 08/18/13. I had heard others report the fishing had been slow but they must not have been fishing with Captain Dom. We didn't see much of the trolling fleet hook up either because the fish stayed low. We were marking fish all day but they seemed finicky and we kept getting hit on the Pt Jude Deep Force Jigs. We were able to get a nice 65 incher to inhale it and got a solid hook up. Took turns fighting it with my dad and Captain Dom positioned the boat perfectly for the end game/gaff shot. I had so much fun and can't believe the power and strength of these fish. Only problem is now I am hooked and want to go again. Thanks again Dom for taking out the Daley family and putting us on that fish. I am so happy and will never forget this memory with my family. If you want to catch fish book with Captain Dom.

Colin Daley,