Center Console vessels have a basic shortcoming in that they do not provide for much storage area and the way we target fish makes this extremely crucial to keep the deck and fishing area free from clutter. Please try and keep extra tackle, personal bags, and other large items to a minimum. We provide drinking water, as well as all the ice for the catch as well as keeping your drinks/food cold, in a large ice box on deck. It is a good idea to have a large cooler for your party to transport fish if you plan on keeping any, but please leave it in the car until we return to the dock. Please wear comfortable, waterproof, non-marking shoes, sneakers although comfortable can get wet very easily and make for an uncomfortable day if it is chilly. It is a good idea to have a small bag packed with a sweatshirt, rain gear, etc. along with your personal tackle, sunblock, sunglasses, camera and a lunch.