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Capt. Diogo

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Captain Dom


Capt. Domenic Petrarca has been a life-long outdoor enthusiast growing up hunting and fishing in southern New England. His love of the sea and boating passion led to his current career path as the owner and sole operator of Coastal Charters Sportfishing. Beginning his career as a commercial fisherman, it morphed quickly into part-time work as a mate on several charter boats, where his fishing exploits eventually led him to the helm of his own boat. Captain Dom is a licensed USCG Master Captain with over 20 years experience chasing large pelagic fish. Over the past 7 seasons Capt. Dom has specialized in light tackle, jigging and popping using strictly artificial offerings, and has consistently guided his clients to some of the largest bluefin tuna ever taken employing freestyle methods. His clients have caught dozens of giant tuna on spinning tackle, and consequently Captain Dom has earned a reputation as being one of the best of the best in the northeast. In 2014 Dom successfully guided one of his clients into a 597 pound bluefin tuna on spinning tackle! Captain Dom continues to devote his time and passion to the application of deep-water jigging and top-water popping techniques for bluefin tuna in waters from Stellwagon Bank to East Of Chatham.


Captain Diogo


Capt. Diogo (pronounced joe-go) is joining Coastal Charters Sportfishing as its second captain, working alongside Capt. Dom in the 2016 season.  He is dedicated to the CCS signature light tackle approach and is equipped with the drive and skills to consistently produce when it comes to chasing trophy sized game fish. Capt. Diogo is a USCG licensed captain. He graduated from UMass Amherst in 2010 with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation. He has always been a passionate outdoorsmen, hunting and fishing at every opportunity. His hunger for saltwater fishing has been on the rise since he got hooked on the sport about 15 years ago. In recent years, he has put in his time as a first mate running charters and commercial fishing and is now making his passion his full time career.  Capt. Diogo is the proud new owner of The Dusky and has spent the winter preparing her for battle in the upcoming season. He is devoted to continuing to build the legend and reputation of one of the fishiest boats off Cape Cod.